Guidelines for Virtual Call Out

Due to COVID-19, Shenandoah Lodge is unable to host an in-person call out ceremony, where we recognize selected individuals who have been elected for membership in the OA.

Instead, we are sharing THIS video for units to use to call out their candidates in their unit meetings. If you are unaware of who was elected, please reach out to Lodge Chief, Eli Hattersley at


  • This video is intended for use by local scouting units within the Virginia Headwaters Council
  • Please show the video in its entirety
  • Pause the video when instructed and call out the names of those elected scouts

Zoom Recommended Settings

  • When screen sharing, ensure that both the ‘share audio’ and ‘optimize for video’ boxes are checked.

  • We suggest that you test your internet connection prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • If you’re not using Zoom, you should be sure to do a private test with someone else to ensure all bugs are worked out.

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