Shenandoah Lodge Leadership

Harlow Thompson

Harlow Thompson

Lodge Chief

Hello! My name is Harlow Thompson and I have the honor of serving as Shenandoah Lodge’s 2024 Lodge Chief. I am a Vigil Honor member and an Eagle Scout from the Monticello district. In 2023, I had the honor of serving as the Vice Chief of Outreach. I am greatly looking forward to what we as a Lodge can accomplish in our 80th anniversary!

Emma Heisig

Emma Heisig

VC of Program

My name is Emma Heisig, and I’m proud to serve my second term as the Vice Chief of Program. I’m an Eagle Scout from Troop 3711 in Charlottesville, a member of Crew 54 in Palmyra, and a Brotherhood member of Shenandoah Lodge. Outside the Lodge, I serve as an E9 Conclave Vice Chief of Shows. Additionally, I am enrolled at Longwood University to study Physics and Engineering.

VC of Inductions
Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer

VC of Outreach

My name is Charlie Palmer. I am an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor Member of Shenandoah Lodge, and I am super excited to be serving the 2024-2025 term as the Vice Chief of Outreach!

Marie Kenney

Marie Kenney


Hello! My name is Marie Kenney and I’m proud to be serving as Secretary for Shenandoah Lodge. I am a Brotherhood member and currently a Life Scout in the Monticello district. I’m looking forward to the upcoming year and all that our Lodge is going to achieve, as well as celebrating our 80th anniversary!

  • Lodge Adviser
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Staff Adviser
  • Robert Clemmer
  • Associate Adviser
  • Adam Sowers
  • Program Adviser
  • Hunter Corbin
  • Inductions Adviser
  • Chuck Palmer
  • Outreach Adviser
  • Glynis Kolling
  • Secretary Adviser
  • Tom Greenwood

Historical Leadership

Lodge YearLodge ChiefVice Chief of ProgramVice Chief of InductionsVice Chief of OutreachSecretary Treasurer
2024-2025Harlow ThompsonEmma HeisigNora PotterCharlie PalmerMarie Kenney
2023-2024Ben AnnanEmma HeisigZac CollinsHarlow ThompsonColin McCrone
2021-2023Donathan LinebrinkBen AnnanConnor WolfeNora PotterEthan Jones
Lodge YearLodge Chief
2020-2021Ben Chisolm
2019-2020Eli Hattersley
2018-2019Daniel Whitesell
2017-2018Josh Holsinger
2016-2017Mark Schoenster
2015-2016Sheridan Parkinson
2014-2015Alex Maneval
2013-2014Jack Marcum
2012-2013Chase Newton
2011-2012Jordan Fox
2010-2011Andrew Gibson
2009-2010Kevin Zeithaml
2008-2009Pete Echols
2007-2008Zach Hunsberger
2006-2007Sandon Knicely
2005-2006Martin Clemmer
2004-2005Matt Phillippi
2003-2004Justin M. Swisher
2002-2003Justin M. Swisher
2001-2002Lee Hartman
2000-2001David Arehart
R.C. Hartman
1999-2000David Arehart
1998-1999Nick Hartman
1997-1998Nick Hartman
1996-1997David Click
1995-1996Brian Moore
1994-1995Mike White
1993-1994Mike White
1992-1993Israel Pattison
1991-1992Matt McGee
David Tynes
1990-1991Loran Nicol
1989-1990Bart Morris
1988-1989Jeremy Schlussel
1987-1988Daniel Johnson
1986-1987Daniel Johnson
1985-1986Brian Stoner
1984-1985Tim Morris
1983-1984Sonny Morris
1982-1983Kevin Stoner
1981-1982Ken Thornton
1980-1981James Craig, Jr.
1979-1980Alan Ferris
1978-1979Alan Ferris
1977-1978Jim Dickerson
1976-1977Steve Hashiguchi
Kenneth Dodson
1975-1976Bill Leary
1974-1975Tim Kidd
1973-1974Gary Robinson
1972-1973Kevin Deadrick
1971-1972David Hull
1970-1971Scott Showalter
1969-1970Thomas Osina
1968-1969A. Wayde Glover
1967-1968R. Karl Nicholas
1966-1967Sam Graham
1965-1966Sam Graham
1964-1965Richard Menaker
1963-1964Fred Wilber
1962-1963Hugh Gildea
1961-1962John A. Lessley
1960-1961John A. Lessley
1959-1960Ronald A. Woodson
1958-1959Dennis Galloday
1957-1958David Barkley
1956-1957Sam H. Clem
1955-1956Rae Southall
1954-1955Leo Cloutier
1953-1954Leo Cloutier
1952-1953Leo Cloutier
1951-1952J.A.C. Craft
1950-1951J.A.C. Craft
1949-1950J.A.C. Craft
1948-1949John H. Gronemeyer
1947-1948Cecil A. Barnett
1946-1947Cecil A. Barnett
1945-1946Cecil A. Barnett
1944-1945Cecil A. Barnett