Shenandoah Lodge Leadership

Lodge Chief

Ben Annan

Hello, I’m Benjamin Annan, the Shenandoah Lodge Chief for 2023. I joined the scouting program in 2014, and since then I have achieved the Eagle Scout Rank, joined the Camp Shenandoah Staff, and received the Vigil Honor.

Above all else, I am here for you. My vision as Chief is for every member of this Lodge to have the opportunity to lead and grow. To do that, I will lead alongside you as we do great things this year. Contact me if you ever need anything. I’ll be here. WWW

VC of Program

Em Heisig

Hi, I’m Em Heisig, and I’m proud to serve as the Vice Chief of Program. My duties are to assemble all the moving parts of the Lodge’s events, whatever that entails. I’m a brotherhood member of Shenandoah Lodge, and I was inducted in 2020.

Outside of the Lodge, I work at Camp Shenandoah in the summer, and attend Charlottesville High School the rest of the year.

VC of Inductions

Zac Collins

I oversee all the processes of elections, the ordeal, brotherhood, and ceremonies, and make sure they run smoothly. I have been in the Lodge since 2017 and have been on camp staff since 2019.

VC of Outreach

Harlow Thompson

Hello there! My name is Harlow Thompson, your 2023 Vice Chief of Outreach. I’m an Eagle scout from the Monticello district. This year I will be working to improve communication between the Lodge and units as well as communication within the Lodge.

I will be overseeing the communications committee and the district engagement committee. If you are interested in either of these please contact me! Cheers to a good year!


Colin McCrone

Hi, I’m Colin McCrone and I am the 2023 lodge secretary treasurer. I oversee the finance’s in the lodge, and assure that notes are taken at the LEC.

I am a brotherhood member and have been in the lodge since 2020, as well as having worked camp staff since 2021.