Lodge Rebranding

Shenandoah Lodge is in the process of rebranding. This was a decision made by the LEC due to the lack of connection with our current totem. A rebranding Committee was formed and is currently researching and developing our next identity. All rebranding updates can be found on this page. Please direct all questions regarding our rebranding to eli@shenandoahlodge.org


Rebranding Update 1

At the July LEC meeting, a discussion on our current totem took place. We evaluated its state on the lack of connection with our local story. We also wanted to be proactive regarding our current national and local scene. There will come a time when we are forced to make this change, rather than being strong-armed, we are taking the necessary steps to be proactive! The LEC decided to evaluate our current totem and look into a new a possible change.

We then formed a Committee to conduct this research and propose some ideas.

Our Committee was tasked with finding an image that represented our lodge and the ties with our council. We also wanted a mascot!  Currently, there is a lot going on with our totem… We want something that can be used across platforms to strengthen our brand. Show that Shenandoah spirit!