Brand and Merchandise


Committee Chair
Donathan Linebrink

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of the Brand & Merchandise Committee is to assist the LEC in
    designing patches and other merchandise for the lodge.

Our Responsibilities

  • Create merchandise for Lodge Fellowship and Winter Banquet events.
  • Coordinate with Events Committee on possible event themes.
  • Finished (ready for production) designs and price estimates will be completed no later than 90 days before an event.
  • Develop and maintain Lodge Brand Guidelines.
  • Create any other merchandise requested by the LEC.
  • Committee members are also encouraged to develop lodge merchandise ideas, which should be shared with the committee for approval, to be sent to the LEC.
  • With the Staff Adviser, acquire and sell merchandise approved by the Key 3 or LEC.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the LEC or Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Report any important information to the LEC.

Our Resources

  • Committee Playbook (develop/refine)
  • Lodge Brand Guidelines (develop/refine)

Leadership We Report To

  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Secretary/Treasurer Adviser

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