August Fellowship 2020 ~ Important Update!

Brothers of Shenandoah Lodge and Ordeal Candidates.

Due to the health and safety of all involved, Shenandoah Lodge will not be hosting an induction opportunity at August Fellowship 2020. As we continued our planning, monitoring the national scene, and the restrictions in place within the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have concluded that the challenges of hosting an induction experience at August Fellowship and remain compliant with Commonwealth regulations will be unattainable. However, we are so excited to host a 1-day event for our current membership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the 1-day event free?

A: YES! However, members must RSVP by going to this link and select “pay at door”.

Will I receive a full refund?

A: Yes, We encourage ‘pay at the door’ and will forward the monies paid to the next event.

What will a 1 day August Fellowship look like?

A: Program will run from 10 AM – 7 PM. We are offering several fun activities for everyone in the lodge to participate in! These include a lawn game tournament with refreshments provided, our annual lodge business meeting and an exciting evening campfire program with lodge elections!

Will there be brotherhood opportunities?

A: Due to ongoing safety concerns we are working to develop a ceremony that would meet the criteria for safety and the importance of the Honor.  Select pay at the door and if we are able to safely conduct the brotherhood ceremony we will hold it.

When will the 2020 Vigil Class be recognized?

A:  Our ceremonies team is currently working to put together a Vigil ceremony that is compliant with Best Practice Recommendations, meets the expectation consistent with the Honor being bestowed, and is in compliance with National OA leadership guidelines.  Public recognition is planned to be held just prior to Lodge elections at a campfire Saturday evening.

Will there be an ordeal … when will the next ordeal be?

A: Due to the ongoing safety concerns and “best practice recommendations” from the National OA leadership, we are unable to conduct the Ordeal induction process at August fellowship.

Will any meals be served for the one-day event?

A: No, due to the ongoing health concerns, we have decided to not serve any meals at August Fellowship. Instead, we encourage members to bring a picnic lunch!


Roger Burke  |  Lodge Adviser

Eli Hattersley  |  Lodge Chief

Scott Lancey  |  Lodge Staff Adviser

Shenandoah Lodge #258