Vice Chief of Program

Committee Chair
Jeremiah Adams

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of the Events Committee is to assist the LEC in planning,
    executing, and reviewing lodge-wide events.

Our Responsibilities

  • Plan the following events each year:
    – Spring Fellowship
    – June Induction
    – August Induction
    – Lodge Retreat
  • Plan, or assist, in the following special events as needed:
    – Conclave
    – NOAC
  • Develop and implement planning documents to clearly identify all weekend physical, personnel, and material needs.
  • Develop ad hoc committees if needed to ensure timely planning for each event.
  • Ensure all positions for the weekend are filled no later than 30 days prior to an event.
  • Coordinate with Fellowship Grubmaster on attendance head-count
  • Support registration/check-in and check-out at Lodge events.
  • Work with the Safety Protocol Committee to ensure all requirements are addressed.
  • Work with the Communications Committee to promote events.
  • Work with the Service Committee to identify service projects during events.
  • Gather feedback and review each event to improve future events; provide LEC with consolidated feedback.
  • Brainstorm additional events to improve activities and participation.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the LEC or the Lodge Chief.
  • Report any important information to the LEC.

Our Resources

  • Committee Playbook (develop/refine)
  • Event Templates (develop/refine)

Leadership We Report To

  • Vice-Chief for Program
  • Vice-Chief for Program Adviser

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